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Leonel urges the Government to collect their bags

Leonel Fernández swears several leaders of the Monte Plata PRM into the People's Force.

Presidential candidate Leonel Fernández continued his attacks against the government yesterday, accusing President Luis Abinader “of promising and doing absolutely nothing.”

In this sense, the also president of the People’s Force (FP) urged the Government to collect “the suitcases, because in 2024, they’re going to go away.”

Leonel Fernández swears several leaders of the Monte Plata PRM into the People’s Force.

The opposition politician spoke about the matter in the province of Monte Plata, where he assured that the current authorities have nothing to show in that province.

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In a document, sent by the FP, Fernández said that the President of the Republic recently visited Monte Plata, where he promised several works, among them, paving the main roads of the municipalities, but that, when asked, the people there say that nothing was done.

swearing in

During his visit to Monte Plata, Fernández swore in dozens of people who allegedly came from the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM). Among them is the lawyer and journalist Alberto Tavárez, former candidate for senator of the province for the ruling party, who, together with his work team, joined the FP.

Other sworn in were Marcos Mejía, who was the national technical director of the PRM support movements; Juan de los Santos (Juanito Loto), former candidate for mayor of Monte Plata for the PRM; Alfredo Luna Filpo, as well as Mr. Rafael Luna Zapata and María Adón, (Chela), former coordinator of the PRM in Sabana Larga, Gonzalo.

Leonel Fernández thanked the support offered.

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