Leonel ve desafío RD aprendizaje idiomas

Leonel sees RD challenge learning languages

Malaga, Spain. Digitization, command of a second language and the possibility of developing skills and abilities for the labor market are some of the main challenges that the Dominican Republic faces in the short and medium term, the former president stated here. Leonel Fernandez.

During the conference “Latin America, dictatorships, revolutions and democracy” that he gave on the occasion of the closing of the Summer Course at the University of Malaga, Fernández reviewed the political, economic and social situation in Ibero-America, emphasizing the Dominican Republic. .

“People not only want a democratic political system in freedom, they also want that to have results in the economic, social, cultural and technological spheres,” said the former president.

Similarly, he considered it urgent to improve the quality of education, as well as health coverage and pensions.

He explained that broad coverage and better quality of social security services are required in the health field, so that all of this contributes to improving the quality of life, which is what people today demand.

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In his reflection, Fernández assured that all political actors in the Dominican Republic understand that political and democratic stability must be maintained as a way of legitimizing and legalizing political power.

“That is what generates confidence at the national and international level, in this way private sector investments flow and allows the public sector to carry out the infrastructure works that are needed to achieve the transformation,” he said.

“This is the great challenge, but also the great responsibility of democratic leaders: making development compatible with democracy,” he pointed out.

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