Martín Lema's response to Fernando Pereira on food insecurity

Lema called Cosse’s criticism of “pamphleteering phrase” "aimlessness" of the government

The Minister of Social Development, Martín Lema, classified as a “pamphleteering phrase” the criticism of the mayor of Montevideo, Carolina Cosse, about the “aimlessness“of the government of Luis Lacalle Pou.

The capital hierarch has attacked the national government on more than one occasion with that particular judgment. In response, the head of Social Development stated that “the direction of the opposition is clear: to oppose everything that is good for the country.”

“Every time there is good news, every time there is positive action, The Broad Front (FA) appears in a bad mood. Y pamphleteering phrases are used; What is the lack of direction? ”, Questioned Lema this Wednesday, at a press conference.

In this regard, he stressed that President Luis Lacalle Pou “has spoken of freedom, autonomy” and emphasized that this is the “clear axis” of the governmentsince “there are clear actions in all areas”.

Lema referred, in this sense, to the educational transformationto the social security reform, investment in road infrastructure and a “clear foreign policy”. In all these aspects “there is a common denominator that is autonomy”, stressed the hierarch and asserted: “The course is very clear”.

We must stop resorting to pamphleteering phrases for the bar, which contribute absolutely nothing, and concentrate on improvements for our country […] and, in any case, generate proposals or explain specifically where some inconveniences can be seen”, he summarized.

The head of the Ministry of Social Development made these statements in the framework of the signing of an agreement with the Movement for the Eradication of Unhealthy Rural Housing (Mevir) for housing solutions for beneficiaries of Mides programs.

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