Legion of Good Will carries out its campaign "Education in Action"

Legion of Good Will carries out its campaign “Education in Action”

On Monday, February 13, the 2023 school year begins at the Legion of Good Will school, which carries out the “Education in Action” campaign.

The LGW’s “Education in Action” campaign has the objective of guaranteeing the comprehensive education of the children of the

Kindergarten and Preschool José de Paiva Netto

in addition to the socio-educational programs carried out by the institution, through which it serves children, adolescents, youth, adults and the elderly, all of them belonging to families that live in social vulnerability.

Located in the

Santa Rosa de Lima street No. 337

Santa Rosa neighborhood of the city of Lambaré, the school of the Legion of Good Will

benefits 150 children from 02 to 05 years full-time

and they receive comprehensive education totally free, have a happy place, have teaching materials, and uniforms for all, guaranteeing their comprehensive development, strengthening their family ties.

For the LGW, education is very important, an investment that goes far beyond the classroom, the lives of families change for the better when their children have adequate materials to learn, high self-esteem and activities that develop their abilities. A safe spacewith the minimum details calculated so that children of years have a suitable place to study, play and eat.

Rooms equipped with colored chairs, blackboards, fans and all the comforts so that children can study quietly.

A spacious dining room with tables and comfortable chairs, guaranteeing the adequate nutrition of its students, providing them with four daily meals: breakfast, ½ morning, lunch and snack. The kitchen fully equiped for food preparation.

A large patio, with games and a lot of security for everyone. The LGW school also has a space for parents of students to participate in training, educational talks and professional courses. All this educational space has highly trained professionals in each area to provide the best care for the little ones.

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The LGW, committed to guaranteeing the right to education for children, ordered a pedagogical action plan with important and curricular adaptations, also promoting experiences, highlighting all their abilities and always stimulating the attention, understanding, coexistence, motor skills and creativity of the students. Applying in each of the classes the pedagogy of the LGW created by the educator José de Paiva Netto, president of the Institution. This teaching system, in which the brain and the heart work together.

Through this service, the institution seeks to guarantee children the right to social protection and access to socio-educational actions that promote their integral development. In addition, it provides families living in Jukuty, Caterua and other neighborhoods living in social vulnerability peace of mind so that they can work, since they know that their children are in a safe and healthy place, away from the violence on the streets.

The practice of sports, dance, music classes, and other actions keep children away from the danger of the streets and with all these opportunities they transform their lives for the better.

Beginning the school year 2023 the children they receive new teaching materials, complete uniforms and this is the reason that the LGW makes a call for solidarity to all the people who can donate by collaborating with the Education in Action campaign. Donations can be made by


– Twists Tigo; 0985 677 662 – 0981 200 840 – Bank Deposits; Vision Legion of Good Will Bank Savings Bank: 2030929 Tax ID: 800 12712-9 / Itaú Legion of Good Will Bank Savings Bank: 720004274 Tax ID: 800 12712-9 / Express Payment / Mobile Payment – ​​Tel: (021) 921100 /3.

Savings account: 720004274.

Ruc: 800 12712-9.

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