Legal entities struggle to schedule appointments with the SAT

Legal entities struggle to schedule appointments with the SAT

The lack of attention in the treasury “generates the closure of establishments, of companies, lack of employment. The perception is that there is still a lack of appointments, there are many procedures, where we suggest that they can be done via the internet, such as the change of address, because it begins online, but you must specify it with a face-to-face visit in the next 10 days, something that it is possible with the existing offer of appointments”, commented the representative of the IMCP.

According to specialists, the time they give you to assist you in the SAT was extended to three months, and that in some cases they are for the following year, that the demand for attention is above the capacity of the tax authority.

The SAT was consulted by Expansión to find out the current situation to grant the appointments, but did not immediately give an answer.

“It is a pilgrimage for taxpayers, there are those who already have an appointment, calculating the time, for next year, the economy is stopping because there are many procedures that cannot be done without the electronic signature granted by the SAT,” said Virginia Ríos Hernández, member of the Tax Investigation Technical Commission of the Association of Public Accountants of Mexico (CCPM).

He explained that there are people, for example, who died and have not been able to unsubscribe from the RFC because this type of procedure is face-to-face, there are also people who want to register and have to do so in person because they have limited online notices which did facilitate communication with authority.

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