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Learn how the Ministry of Justice’s Virtual Police Station works

Did you know that the registration of incident reports can be done from any mobile device or computer by Virtual Office of the Ministry of Justice (becoming)? The tool, developed for the National Public Security Secretariat (Senasp), of the Ministry of Justice, was initially implemented in Acre, in August 2020, and is currently integrated into the state systems of nine more Brazilian states – Alagoas, Amazonas, Amapá, Bahia, Piauí, Rio Grande do Norte, Roraima, Sergipe and Tocantins.Learn how the Ministry of Justice's Virtual Police Station works

Created to facilitate the management and registration of police procedures throughout Brazil, the solution allows the registration and processing of a police report (BO), from its registration to its closing or referral as a police procedure, in the form of a Police Inquiry (IP), Notice of Investigation of Infraction Act (AIAI), or even registration of Notice of Arrest in Flagrante (APF), Detailed Term of Occurrence (TCO) and Detailed Bulletin of Occurrence (BOC).

BO registration

The service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To make an occurrence, the interested party must be over 18 years old and have an active account in the system. gov.br. From there, just access the Virtual Police Station and select in which state the fact was committed. Afterwards, the user is forwarded to a page with general guidelines on how to use the system. It shows the types of occurrences that can be registered and, then, you are asked to fill in the data requested on the page. After completing the registration, the citizen will be able to follow all the steps of the BO through the platform and also how is the status of the service.


Devir allows the recording of any and all types of police incidents, as long as the federative unit expresses its desire to integrate the system. At the moment, in addition to the states that are already members, the system team has no negotiations in this regard. THE Agency Brazilthe MJSP reported that as of May 31, 649,935 communications had been registered on the Virtual Police Station’s portal.

According to data from the Ministry of Justice, at the top of the ranking of recorded occurrences is loss or misplacement of document or object: 225,576 (34.71%). Then, with 14.02%, comes theft occurrences (91,121) and, with 11.92%, embezzlement (77,462) . The list of most common records follows with “Other Communications”, responsible for 11.2% or 72.8 thousand occurrences, traffic accident without a victim, 9.2%, (59,791), robbery with 8.69% (56,461) , threat, 2.67% (17,331), cyber crime, 2.58%, (16,779), harm, 0.99%, (6,447), and offenses (slander, defamation and slander), with 0.7% or 4.54 thousand notifications.


Among the advantages of the Virtual Police Station is the fact that it is fully integrated with the external databases of Denatran, gov.br, National Bank for Monitoring Prisons, Correios, Google Maps and Sinesp PPE. It also allows for automatic approval of fact communications. The citizen has automatic receipt of the status communication and the Occurrence Bulletin in its email and on the portal. Other advantages are the real-time updating of new legislation, establishing new crimes, and the issuance of managerial productivity reports by users, nature and police units. In addition, the occurrence validation module performs an automatic search to verify the arrest warrant and the existence of an occurrence already registered for that fact. All notified communications are automatically georeferenced.

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