Learn about the 9 points of the plan for the 500,000 homes that Maduro promises for 2023

Learn about the 9 points of the plan for the 500,000 homes that Maduro promises for 2023

So far, according to Nicolás Maduro, progress has already been made in the construction of 35% of the homes that his government intends to deliver in 2023. Work has yet to begin on another 321,368. The president assured that the materials to be used in them will be produced in Venezuela, whose block, cement and rebar producing companies are on the floor

Despite the fact that the Venezuelan Chamber of Construction reported that the sector’s activity plummeted by 98% during 2022 and went from having 130,000 employees to only 30,000, President Nicolás Maduro promised this December 29 build 500,000 more houses for the next year.

During the act of delivery of the house number 4 million 400 thousand of the Great Housing Mission Venezuela (GMVV), Maduro approved resources for the continuation of this program, but did not specify the amount granted to the Ministry of Habitat and Housing. He only indicated that the plan of that portfolio by 2023 will be governed by the following strategic guidelines:

  • Creation of alliances with the private sector.
  • Promotion of the housing sector to the stock market.
  • Implementation of intersectoral alliances with public entities.
  • Promotion of the acquisition of homes in the secondary market.
  • Activation of the mortgage sector in the «single productive portfolio».
  • Give continuity to GMVV projects.
  • Deepening of local strategic development plans.
  • Self-construction and co-management with “by popular power”.
  • Contribution of the goals of the “Bolivarian Economic Agenda” through the engines of construction.

In this sense, Maduro asserted that 97% of the materials to be used for construction next year will be “made in Venezuela.” However, he seems to forget that, for example, cement companies barely operate at 40% of their installed capacity and with a production of 1 million metric tons per year, according to the Federation of Cement Workers (Fetracemento). Like the little operation of the steel and aluminum companies that are in the hands of the State.

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«The cement, we give birth to them; the cables, we give birth to them; the blocks, we give birth to them,” said the president during a speech from Fuerte Tiuna in Caracas, in which, by the way, delivered apartments to part of the residents of Las Tejerías who were left homeless after the landslide on October 8, which ended up affecting the great industrial activity of that entity, which is the third industrial zone per capita in the country.

So far, according to Maduro, there are 176,632 advanced homes for the 2023 goal and, therefore, it is necessary to begin the construction of another 321,368.

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