Leaders of the Guasu Front meet this afternoon with Fernando Lugo

Leaders of the Guasu Front meet this afternoon with Fernando Lugo

The former vice minister of the MOPC, Leoncio Rojas, revealed that he found this state portfolio upside down after the departure of Alegre and considered that this mismanagement sets a disastrous precedent for any position that the liberal intends to occupy.

In an interview with the Cara o Cruz program, Col. Leoncio Rojas, who served as MOPC vice-minister after the dismissal of Efraín Alegre in the Fernando Lugo era, spoke about the legacy left by the PLRA head.

“When I took office, I was brutally surprised with the situation that the ministry presented upon leaving Alegre, totally upside down,” cRojas commented.

He mentioned that charges were fabricated to locate political operators, among them, the district coordinator.

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“It is a charge that he invented, there is no such chargeI don’t know where he got the salary for them, that is a mockery and an incredible abuse of authority, I have no news that other ministers have done something similar “said Rojas.

He considered that the mismanagement of Efraín Alegre in the MOPC “is a horrible and disastrous precedent.” He added that: “these kinds of people are not even good for the block of Congress.”

A report from the General Audit of the Executive, under the administration of Fernando Lugo, confirms a damage of 37 million dollars under the administration of Alegre in the MOPC. The result was boxed, but, months later, the ex-bishop dismissed the liberal, after which the PLRA voted to condemn the then president.

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