Leaders and Police sign agreement to avoid violence during demonstrations in Huancavelica

Leaders and Police sign agreement to avoid violence during demonstrations in Huancavelica

A peaceful march continued on the fifth day of protests in the city of Huancavelica, where close to two thousand protesters from unions, associations, federations, among others, demanded the early elections.

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The president of the Fight Committee, José Luis Crispín, reported on the meeting held between a group of leaders and PNP Colonel Eloy Lara, head of the Huancavelica Police Region.

“The main agreement, within this framework of the declaration of emergency, is that Colonel Eloy Lara is going to allow the population to demonstrate, he is going to be flexible, we have agreed that the legal right is life, the integrity of the Huancavelicanos and of the Police, to avoid any type of confrontation”, affirmed José Luis Crispín.

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He delimited: “We are going to be able to meet as you are now seeing it, we are with a common pot, you are seeing it, in the morning hours we have traveled throughout Huancavelica, we have ended with a rally, peacefully of course That’s the deal.”

He said that the commitment is to coordinate closely to avoid more chaos and violence that affects the protesters and police officers.

He showed his rejection that Peru Libre does not accept the early elections and opined that all congressmen seek their interests.

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“All the congressmen take care of their interests, the truth is that it has not been approved as an early election for December 2023 and it is most likely that they will approve it for April 2024, that is, they want to extend these early elections as much as possible,” Crispin opined.

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