Leader Luis Ladeautt: ‘CUCO has been at a tripartite table for more than six months and there is no answer because they ramble a lot’

Luis Ladeautt, who is a civic leader from Colon, participated in the last meeting held by President Laurentino Cortizo with organized groups from Colon to seek solutions to the general strike that is currently being held by the Unity Coalition for Colon (CUCO).

Some people from Colon have referred to Ladeautt as an “opportunist” person who has taken advantage of the situation, however, the leader declared: “this is our province, I am not here to create chaos, much less appear.”

He attacked CUCO, indicating: “Look, CUCO has been sitting at a tripartite table for more than six months and until today there is no answer because they ramble a lot, and to show a button. The Thursday that the president arrived (in Colón) he He talked about everything, except the issue of gasoline, unemployment, the hospital, and in two days that we have participated with the Government, we have already made significant progress”.

He asserted that CUCO is sectarian and has implied that they are the only ones who represent Columbus. “Here it is an issue, and it is that of the Transportation terminal. This has brought a consequence that there is a dispute that has to be resolved at the table,” he specified.

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