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Lawyer in exile calls for reporting to United States authorities Sandinista fanatics who have entered that country

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Lawyer in exile calls for reporting to United States authorities Sandinista fanatics who have entered that country

The opposition lawyer in exile Yader Morazán is leading an active campaign on social networks to expose Nicaraguans who collaborated in Ortega’s repression during and after the 2018 social protests and who are now in the US seeking immigration benefits, posing as as opponents.

“Let’s make a thread about supporters of the regime who spread the ‘aggression’ discourse directed and financed by the USA and today they are where their Yankee ‘aggressor’ is,” the exiled jurist posted on his personal Twitter.

consulted by Article 66Morazán explained that there are two types of Nicaraguan migrants, the first is made up of those who entered across the borders illegally and were welcomed in US territory assuming that they are “people at risk, product of Ortega repression in Nicaragua.”

The other group is the one that is entering legally, through the benefit of humanitarian parole. “Many of these people even participated as paramilitaries, they are the children of high officials and now they are using these benefits that were designed with the politically persecuted in mind, to request asylum in this country. They are inventing cases of political asylum, “denounces the lawyer.

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Morazán asked the exile and the US authorities to design a direct and reliable communication system to inform the Department of Homeland Security of all these cases.

The denounced

Morazán provides on his social networks a list of those “collaborators” of the dictatorship, many of whom, he says, participated in the entire process of repression of social protests, which was settled, according to data from the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights ( IACHR), with at least 355 murders, at the hands of the police and parapolice forces of the Ortega-Murillo dictatorship.

Among those denounced are the ex-notifier of the judiciary Franklin Rodríguez, in the US by parole. Yasser Rivera, accused of being a paramilitary, former worker of the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MTI).

Likewise, the communicators at the service of official propaganda Erick Barrantes and his partner Martha Ochoa. She was a worker at the Mayor’s Office, and a correspondent for Channel 8 in Somoto. Her husband was a correspondent in Madrid for the same channel.

Likewise, it points to Krisstyam Pérez Rodríguez, married to the daughter of the political secretary and head of the Matagalpa paramilitaries, Pedro Haslam, as a paramilitary. The lawyer Morazán recalls that Pérez Rodríguez, through his social networks, announced that he would celebrate “the fall of the Morazán brothers.”

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Others denounced as paramilitaries or collaborators of the dictatorship are: Iris Rodríguez and her husband Erick Silva. She, a former public defender from Matagalpa and he, a former employee of the Human Rights Ombudsman’s Office (PPDDH). Digna Espinoza Palma, former police psychologist and Carlos Zeledón, (Calón), designated as a paramilitary.

Meanwhile, the journalist in exile, former editor of the newspaper La Prensa, Abixael Mogollón, denounces “in combo” the ex-propagandists of the regime, who now “live in the Empire they hated so much”, Carlos Salgado, cameraman for 19 Digital; Amanda Pérez, Channel 8; Cristian Carrión, Channel 4 and Guillermo Gonzáles, cameraman for the Sandinista television channels.

Morazán explains that at the moment they are only “informing” the US authorities about the presence of these people in their territory, but that with the collection of irrefutable evidence they can be “formally denounced.” In the same way, he urged the Nicaraguan exiles to report on more collaborators with the dictatorship.

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