Walter Albán on the new Minister of the Interior: "No one with the profile will accept the position"

Lawyer for Major David Medina on his retirement: “It is a political revenge of the high command”

For attorney for Major PNP of the Special Team that investigates the power, the You must revoke your client’s withdrawal pass, otherwise, you will file a precautionary measure.

“If we do not get a response by December 31, we will go for a precautionary measure to request the immediate reinstatement of Major Medina. That it is also supported by the prosecutor Marita Barreto, who has highlighted the very image of the PNP fighting corruption in the high command, this is historic “indicated.

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At another time, he indicated that all the actions carried out have been supported by the Judiciary.

“This is a political revenge from the high command because my client has had the courage to investigate his own bosses and obtain preliminary arrests with the prior approval of the Public Ministry and approved and endorsed by the Judiciary. Good cops deserve to be supported, but bad cops can’t use political power to get revenge.”Miranda added.


Jose Baella

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