Law prevents the CDMX Reconstruction Commission from dealing with the 2022 earthquake

Law prevents the CDMX Reconstruction Commission from dealing with the 2022 earthquake

Victims question the body

Israel Ballesteros, a member of the United Victims of Mexico City organization -created by people affected by the September 2017 earthquake-, described as “nonsense” that both the law, as well as the fund and the commission for reconstruction only focuses on the events of five years ago and separates itself from events after that year.

He pointed out that the organization realized this, due to an appearance by the former commissioner for reconstruction César Cravioto before local legislators after the damage left by an earthquake in June 2020 to the Lindavista-Vallejo building.

“In the definitions section, the reconstruction law says that a victim is someone who suffered the loss of a property due to an earthquake and when you go to the definition of an earthquake, it says that it is that telluric movement that occurred on September 19, 2017, that is what happened in 2022 was not an earthquake,” he said.

He said that under this argument, both the government of Mexico City and the Reconstruction Commission decided to distance themselves from earthquakes after the one in 2017 or from any other eventuality.

He considered that the foregoing is a position that coincides with the concepts of reconstruction of the administration of Miguel Ángel Mancera.

“It was our turn to receive the response from both administrations and both are convinced that it is not up to them, that it is not an obligation of the state to guarantee the reconstruction of private housing, nor can they guarantee that it does not tremble, that is clear to me, but it is up to them. it is to take precautions so that when an earthquake happens, people are not left homeless”, he pointed out.

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