Latorre justifies changes in the law on shooting down planes

Latorre justifies changes in the law on shooting down planes

Deputy Raúl Latorre explained the modifications made to the bill and explained that the aim is to adapt to the regulatory framework because the National Constitution abolishes the death penalty.

“The logistics of the modification is to adapt the international normative framework to the international conventions, to what our country is subscribed to and to our National Constitution because in the fourth article that speaks of the right to life, it makes it clear that the death penalty is abolished. ”, he asserted for Radio Ñanduti.

The legislator argued that the regulatory framework should be updated so that clear protocols for the identification of aircraft that are considered suspicious can be established, with the aim of greater clarity in the interception protocol.

“We must advance in a budgetary initiative that allows us to acquire radars which will allow us to see what is happening in the sky because today there is a black spot in the sky. Subsequently, we must acquire squads that allow us an identification, ”he stated.

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