La Casa de las Américas. Foto: Cubadebate.

Latin American and Caribbean Theater in Havana

The May Theatrical Latin American and Caribbean Theater Season will return to Havana on May 6 and will run until the 15th under the premise “Scene and Challenge.”

“Artists and groups from seven countries will be with us, representing some of the best theater in Latin America and the Caribbean,” said Vivian Martínez Tabares, director of Casa de las Américas Theater.

For the inauguration, the Cuban work will be presented Light, of the Oficio de Isla Creative Community. The Malpaso Dance Company will present a program with four choreographies: two by local artists and the other half by foreign guests.

From the province of Havana, the group Impulso Teatro, directed by Alexis Díaz de Villegas, and Teatro de la Luna will arrive on stage with the play Macbeth Report under the direction of Raúl Martín.

From Matanzas, Teatro de las Estaciones will show its work under the director Rubén Darío Salazar in Everything is singing in life (A recital of affections for Teresita Fernández)story-tribute that won one of the Villanueva Awards from specialized critics for the best shows of 2019.

The Theater of Utopia. of Pinar del Río, will participate with a montage named FK, Fantasy on Frida Kahlo.

Photo: Cuban News Agency (ACN).

Listed as a high-flying production from concept and form, and commissioned by the Macubá Theater Studio, from Santiago de Cuba, Home will occupy space in the capital with a staging by Fátima Patterson.

Among the proposals of the international guests are, among others, pigeon memory, solo show by Andy Gamboa, from Costa Rica. Its premiere was in 2018 and it addresses a contemporary problem: the contradictions between an actor and a homophobic father.

Earthly, directed by Mauricio Kartun (Argentina), one of the great references of Latin American theater. The invitation is to reflect on the biblical myth of Cain and Abel.

H-experiment, of the Brass Company of Brazil. Work conceived by Helena Albergaria, received that name because it is precisely a scenic experiment. The actress plays Marilyn Monroe and a domestic worker from the text based on two stories from the book Music for Chameleons (1980) by Truman Capote.

During the theatrical days there will be master conferences and spaces will be set up for the public to dialogue with playwrights and actors, Martínez Tabares said.

The official program of the event will be available starting today on the Casa de las Américas website (

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