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Last alleged criminal accused of the death of young Dabel Zapata

The National Police killed an alleged criminal, wanted for being accused of multiple criminal acts, including the death of Dabel de Jesús Zapata Rosa, 33, son of congressman Darío Zapata.

This is Raymundo Vizcaíno (Ray and/or El Flaco), 21, who died while receiving medical attention at the Francisco Moscoso Puello hospital, after being injured by police officers during an exchange of shots with the deceased today, at the time of trying to arrest him while he was traveling in a taxi on Francisco del Rosario Sánchez street, near the bridge of the same name (Puente de la 17).

The police note explains that Vizcaíno dismounted firing shots from the Hyundai brand car in which he was traveling as a passenger along with three other people who are under investigation.

In relation to the case, the driver of the aforementioned vehicle, who claims to be a taxi driver, is also being investigated.

In the possession of the deceased today, a 9mm caliber Smith & Wesson pistol was seized, with which, according to the preliminary report, he shot at the acting agents.

The aforementioned weapon was sent to the Scientific Police to be subjected to ballistic analysis and determine if it has been used in other cases where people have been killed and injured.


According to the records, Vizcaíno (Ray and/or El Flaco), was wanted in response to arrest warrant 0279-August-2022, accused of injuring several people in separate events.

He was also actively persecuted through arrest warrant number 0162-AUGUST-2022, for allegedly having participated in the death by gunshot wound of Dabel de Jesús Zapata Rosa, in the middle of an assault perpetrated on 08-16-2022, in the Los Kilómetros sector, of the Sánchez Highway, National District.

It is recalled that in relation to the death of Zapata Rosa, two people were arrested and brought to justice, with Julio César Ibert Jiménez (Kendri), Manuel Santana Galva (El Feo) and Ray and/or El Flaco remaining fugitives.

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