#LaSemanaResumida: Corruption in Segalmex, the black hole of the 4T

#LaSemanaResumida: Corruption in Segalmex, the black hole of the 4T

This week, like almost every week, the corruption pus that emanates from Segalmex, the Conasupo of the 4T, continued to sprout. And it is not a minor thing, because it is the largest fraud of public resources at the federal level where negligence, corruption and opacity predominate.

Segalmex is the black hole of the Fourth Transformation, through which obscene amounts of money have gone.

The mission of this body created by AMLO and in which he appointed Ignacio Ovalle, who was head of Carlos Salinas de Gortari’s Conasupo, is -presumably- to support the poorest.

But, for the good of all, first the milking of the treasury.

Segalmex looks like the Pemex of yesteryear, a bottomless barrel of resources. The diversions are so large that, just in the first two years of the government, the amount exceeds that of any other fraud in recent years.

And the president will be able to say mass, but the Segalmex case proves that corruption and impunity remain in his government.

Surely you did not even know that Segalmex existed, but it has become very popular due to its filth, fraud, abuse, mismanagement and incompetence.

All this caused the president to remove him from his position last April and, in his place, he appointed Leonel Cota, another of his old friends, who this week appeared before legislators and acknowledged that there are 30 companies and 29 companies involved in the Segalmex fraud. officials involved and that 40 criminal complaints are in progress.

And it is that to “win” a contract with Segalmex, the companies had to pay a moche of 2% of the total amount of the awarded. The money was transferred to accounts of a front company made up of women whose identity was stolen.

It is estimated that, only between 2019 and 2020, the officials involved in this fraud obtained illegal profits of more than 200 million pesos. And it’s just an example. Of course, the 4T continues to blame the past. And not to the neoliberal past, but to the past of the 4T itself.



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