Las Bambas: workers protest because utilities do not meet their expectations

Las Bambas: workers request an urgent meeting with Aníbal Torres

The Single Union of Workers of the Mining Company requested, as a matter of urgency, a meeting with the prime minister to address the labor problems generated by the new stoppage of operations due to the current social conflict with the communities in the area of ​​influence.

“As a trade union organization we see ourselves in the urgent need to go to your office in order to request your intervention in this problem, which has not been solved by the current government management. This conflict not only affects the production of the mining company, but also has a negative impact on the almost nine thousand workers”, indicates the letter sent to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.

The union regrets that the costs of this problem “are being attributed to the weakest part, which is the working masses.” In addition, they criticized that despite the union’s repeated requests to intervene with technical proposals in the dialogue tables with the communities, they have not been heard to date.

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The Las Bambas mining company decided to paralyze operations from April 20, after members of the Fuerabamba peasant community invaded the facilities and the mining camp on April 14.

This stoppage would be generating an approximate loss of S/. 5.2 million daily for the country, of which S/. 3.2 million go directly to the Apurimac region for canon and royalties.

Las Bambas generates approximately 75,000 induced jobs as a result of its operation, a figure that is currently seriously affected due to constant conflicts.


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