Las Bambas: "We are not anti-mining", affirms Huancuire community leader

Las Bambas: “We are not anti-mining”, affirms Huancuire community leader

Javier Ochoa Núñez, leader of the peasant community of Huancuire, in the Apurímac region, demanded that the state of emergency in the Challhuahuacho and Coyllurqui districts of this region, in effect since April 27, be annulled as a condition for participating in the roundtable. dialogue with representatives of the Government and the Las Bambas mine.

The Huancuire community is waiting for the authorities to make a statement so that they can reach a dialogue. The idea is that here, our position, that the company, the State and the community win. That is what we are looking for and for May 7th a meeting is being considered where we are going to participate, but we cannot participate without the state of emergency being lifted, we have already sent a document (requesting this)”, Ochoa pointed out in “Successful”.

As he mentioned, in 2013 they signed 97 commitments on education, health, and others, with the company, but, as he said, to date none have been 100% fulfilled.

“We are not anti-mining”

Despite the non-compliance of the mining company that they point out, Ochoa said that they continue to bet on the dialogue tables between the Executive Power, the company and the community, “so that the fulfillment of that commitment can be given”.

The Huancuire community has never been against mining, we are not anti-mining, on the contrary, we have given in our territory so that they can extract the copper. We want the Peruvian State, the mining company, to respect us, and we are open to dialogue tables, but the Huancuire community is not going to sit down or attend those meetings while the state of emergency continues.”, he asserted.

Ochoa also asked the State not to criminalize the protest or its leaders. “I can’t sit with the company or the state while they put a gun to my head. That is the request of the community that we have agreed in the assembly”, he counted.

As he pointed out, several community members who participated in previous protests have been brought to trial without evidence. “Some of my community, four people, have been sentenced, among them, a person with a baby. Out of nowhere they denounce us, they criminalize us and that is what we want”, he stated.

The data

Last Friday, the Presidency of the Council of Ministers summoned the community of Fuerabamba and Huancuire, and the Las Bambas mining company to hold a dialogue table, in order to preserve peace and avoid more clashes like the last ones in the area. Apurimac mining.

According to the PCM, this table, if given, It would be on Saturday, May 7, 2022 at 11:00 a.m.. “It can take place in Lima or Tambobamba, at the community’s choice.”, it was specified.


As of this May 1, the rule for the optional use of masks in open environments will come into force. This means that people who want to wear masks will be able to wear them in public places, in departments that have passed 80% in their third dose of vaccination against the coronavirus, among which we have Lima, Callao, Lima Province, Ica and Ancash. What do the citizens think about it? We tell you in this video.

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