Las Bambas: they present habeas corpus against the State of Emergency and demand to repeal it before the meeting on May 7

Las Bambas: they present habeas corpus against the State of Emergency and demand to repeal it before the meeting on May 7

It has been 19 days since community members from Fuerabamba and Huancuire invaded the land belonging to the MMG Las Bambas company in Cotabambas – Apurímac, stating that it belongs to them and they want to take possession of it, despite having sold it to the mine more than eight years ago.

Since then there have been skirmishes and clashes with the Police and private security apparently hired by the private company; Despite the efforts of Las Bambas to withdraw the protesters, they have not been able to be completely evicted, leaving a significant amount in the Coyllurqui – Challcobamba area.

Precisely there are the community members of Huancuire, who are reluctant to engage in any type of dialogue with the State or the company If the State of Emergency is not lifted declared as of last April 27.

In statements by Isidro Pusaca Huillca, vice president of the peasant community of Huancuire, they are the owners of the land that they sold to the mine, since the latter would have made an ‘illegal appropriation’ of these lands, which add up to 132 hectares, in addition to assuring that they have many complaints for late breaches towards them.


Of the same opinion was Huancuire’s lawyer, Alexander Angles, who mentioned that no kind of dialogue could prosper if they do not lift the State of Emergency in the place, he also referred that the authorities They are prevented from executing any eviction because the issue is judicialized.

“The Police in collusion with the mining company are attempting to make an illegal possessory defense, More than 15 days have passed since the company announced the occupation of its property, we have documents that guarantee our right to graze and use the Challcobamba pit mule tracks,” quoted.

He noted that they have already filed a petition for habeas corpus to the decree establishing the State of Emergency, “We call on the authorities to refrain from carrying out any eviction until the court can resolve this controversy, this is already judicialized”, culminated.

Meanwhile, dozens of shacks and tents are erected in the vicinity of the so-called Tajo 02 in Challcobamba, one of the most important in the mining project, where community members have reported the use of short-range and long-range weapons, expired tear gas canisters and the sending of civilians dressed as police officers for the purpose of the eviction.

Regarding this last point, various images emerged of civilians using police supplies in the midst of the clash between community members and the Police, these civilians denounced having been ‘deceived’ by the mine and taken from Lima for work that did not correspond with which they were doing, MMG Las Bambas has not commented on the matter so far.


– On April 29, the Prime Minister of the Republic, Aníbal Torres, sent a letter and invited the leaders of the communities of Fuerabamba and Huancuire to a meeting this Saturday, May 7 at 11:00 a.m. in the town of Tambobamba or in Lima to resolve the current conflict together with representatives of Las Bambas. This invitation was accepted by the leaders only if the State of Emergency in the area is lifted, otherwise they indicated that they will reject and will not attend the dialogue table.

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