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Las Bambas: community members occupy access to the mine and insist on requesting a repeal of the state of emergency

1,500 police officers arrived to start the eviction of residents who invaded Las Bambas

The members of the communities surrounding the Las Bambas mine, in the Apurímac region, maintain their protest after yesterday no agreements were reached with representatives of the mining company and the Executive. They are community members from Fuerabamba, Huancuire, Pumamarca, Chila, Choaquere and Chuicuni.

Walter Melón Quispe, president of the community of Choaquere, in the district of Challhuahuacho, stated this Wednesday in RPP that due to the absence of the president of the Council of Ministers, Aníbal Torres, and the minister of Energy and Mines, Carlos Palacios Pérez, in the yesterday, no agreements were reached.

The request of the six communities, Melón reiterated, is the repeal of the state of emergency decreed on April 27 by the government.

That (the state of emergency) be lifted in this session of the Council of Ministers to be able to start with the solution dialogues”, Melon pointed out.

We cannot converse with that attitude of the state, which puts pressure on the six communities, but in reality we have waited many years for the company and the state to be able to solve these communities.“, he pointed.

As he said, they are outraged and hope that the company and the state can talk, “but lifting the state of emergency”. They are very close to one of the entrances of the mining company, according to the station.

We are claiming our just rights and we are going to remain where we always are. We are taking possession of 350 hectares of land from the community of Choaquere, we are supporting the lifting of the state of emergency”, pointed out the leader.

The media reported that at this point known as the gate to springs there are about 15 police officers who remain on alert, in the face of any event that affects order. The community members also prepared a common pot, while waiting for news from the Executive.

unsuccessful appointment

Yesterday the Government, the representatives of the 6 peasant communities located in the surroundings of the Las Bambas mining project, and representatives of the company, did not reach any agreement after the meeting they held to solve the social conflict.

In the minutes signed by the participants of the meeting, it is detailed that the representatives of the communities did not accept the proposal of the Deputy Minister of Territorial Governance, Jesús Quispe Arones, who requested “maintain the dialogue in a climate of social peace and lift the measure of force”.

The community members established as a condition to start the dialogue “the immediate lifting of the state of emergency” established by the Executive in the area.

For its part, the mining company MMG Las Bambas requested the cessation of daily acts of hostility against the mining operation and its personnel, freedom of transit for access and exit to and from the mining operation, the restart of the operation mine (paralyzed since February 20) and that the peasant community of Huancuire vacate the company’s property.


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