Las Bambas: 55 commitments remain to be executed with the Fuerabamba community

Las Bambas: 55 commitments remain to be executed with the Fuerabamba community

still has 55 pending commitments with the community of of a total of 264 commitments assumed in favor of the community.

Claudio Cáceres, manager of Legal Affairs of Minera Las Bambas, explained that the first 143 have already been executed and finished, 66 are permanently executed, since they are activities that are repeated every year, and 55 are scheduled to be executed this year. and the next.

“We have registered 264 commitments in favor of the community, of which 143 have been fulfilled and accredited, and 66 are in the process of being fulfilled because they are commitments that we have assumed over time,” he said in dialogue with RPP.


“There are 55 commitments [pendientes] that have different thematic axes, some agricultural, for example. We had meetings with the Fuerabamba community and the PCM to schedule the commitments that were pending,” he added.

He stressed that the stoppage of the mine is due to the fact that the Nueva Fuerabamba urbanization had been invaded by two neighboring communities, which are Chila and Chuaquere. Therefore, the people of Fuerabamba intend to enter the private property of the mine.

“Any type of invasion is an absolutely illegal act. The fact that two communities enter a private property does not justify that these third parties can enter another private property”he pointed.

He added that the head of the Ministry of Energy and Mines (Minem) has already proposed creating a commission to visit the Fuerabamba urbanization and resolve the conflict with the Chila and Chuaquere communities.

“We would be absolutely willing to participate in that commission to solve any problem that may exist with the communities of Chila and Chuaquere. Today the minister is still in the area, we understand that he is going to have a meeting with these communities”he added.

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The executive indicated that the impact of the stoppage of the mine is S/ 5 million per day, which are not paid for royalties and income tax. In addition, the blockade harms 8,000 direct and indirect workers employed by Las Bambas.

“From 2016 to date, we have more than 460 days of blockades. In this year more than 40 days of blockades where we have not been able to transport the concentrate, the production, to the port of Matarani”he pointed out.


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