Grandes hospitales a espera de entrega; es “dolor de cabeza”

Large hospitals awaiting delivery; is “headache”

The total investment in remodeling is RD$632,828,344.05. The hospital centers should be delivered between the months of August and November of this year

Large hospitals in the public network are waiting to be delivered to their communities. Some have been operated on for years and are rebuilt or remodeled by the National Health Serviceand the most complex for the Ministry of Housing.

Some centers, like the Sanitary City, will be opened gradually due to their complexity, equipment and maintenance. These also require the appointment of specialized personnel and high-level technicians. This week the oldest hospital in Santo Domingo, the Father Billinilocated in the Colonial city.

The remodeling of the large hospitals in the network has historically been traumatic due to what the interruption of consultations and procedures and even corruption scandals imply for service users.

They are pending to deliver the city Sanitary Luis Eduardo AybarHospital Nelson Astacio, whose name has just been changed to that of Dr. Mario Tolentino Dipp, and the Cardio-Ophthalmological and Transplant Center -Cecanot-. These centers are in Santo Domingo.

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Hospital Mario Tolentino it was abandoned when the Hugo Mendoza, Ney Arias and maternity centers were built Reynaldo Almanzarin that interval has at least two name changes.

The National Health Service The delivery to the community of hospitals such as the Teófilo Gautier, in Barahona, is pending, which is being renovated in areas such as consultation, laboratories and bathroom repairs. Another center that will be delivered soon is the hospital Municipal Hospital of Arenoso, Guayabal, Peralta, Nuestra Señora del Carmen, Galván Health Center, Imbert Municipal Hospital, Luis Espaillat and Villa Los Almácigos.

The Luis Bonilla, Matancita, Cevicos and Federico Lavandier hospitals must be handed over. Angel Concepción, Jima Abajo, Dr. Etanilda Brito and Provincial Elio Fiallo, from Pedernales. It is a total of 21 hospitals distributed throughout the country that are scheduled for this year.

Alejandro Báez faces Caba

volunteer resignation
The doctor Alexander Baez quit volunteering Father Billini, and wonders why attack only the existence of that entity in that health center. Consider is a public artifice perpetuated by leaders of the Medical College and it is, in his opinion, a lie from the president of the union to say that the public hospital would be privatized.

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