Lanz case: The biggest obstacle to the investigation was the family itself

Lanz case: The biggest obstacle to the investigation was the family itself

The Attorney General of the Republic, Tarek William Saab, assured that the greatest obstacle to the development of the investigations of the case into the disappearance and murder of Professor Carlos Lanz, who disappeared on August 8, 2020, was the family nucleus itself, referring to specifically to the family ties of the victim’s second marriage.

The Prosecutor indicated that it was in the last interrogations where most of the clarifying data of the case were obtained.

However, he clarified that Alex Lanz, son of the professor’s first marriage, with whom he has maintained a permanent and constant communication during these almost two years, provided important data on the psychological profile and his actions apart from marital and human fidelity towards Carlos. Lanz de Mayi Cumare.

“The obstruction of justice by that family environment (insisting that it is Lanz’s second marriage) was systematic and continuous, well organized to torpedo and delay these investigations provided through the so-called Carlos Lanz Search Committee” .

“They wanted to attack the Venezuelan State”

Prosecutor Saab assured that one of the lawyers of the so-called Carlos Lanz Search Committee, “threatening in a boastful manner, that he would take the case to international instances, if it was not resolved within a certain time. Obviously the intention of this kind of threat was to attack the Venezuelan State as a violator of human rights,” Saab warned.

This instance privately insinuated that they would take the case of the disappearance of Professor Carlos Lanz to the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

Unfortunately, the murder of Carlos Lanz was a case of death by contract. “The aforementioned Committee even attacked me and the Public Ministry as alleged accessories, they denied what the Prosecutor’s Office said about the investigation because I believe that this was one of the main obstacles to the development of the work of the Public Ministry.”

«I think it was clear that Carlos Lanz was going to denounce his partner and hand her over to justice or he feared a fatal outcome, where he could be the victim of a punishable act. Given that, she decided to order the hiring of hitmen,” Saab warned.

«Indeed, it could be said that the principle that the motive for Lanz’s disappearance would have been political, a foreign power, the Israeli Mossad, the CIA, Colombian paramilitaries until it culminated in the alibi that they most wanted to impose, which had been the Venezuelan state. via forced disappearance by state police agents, but they never presented a single piece of evidence. Here we are presenting more than 200 investigative proceedings and a testimony, the queen of the evidence, an informer who is the main perpetrator of the act who is the one who hires and links the pran and the assassins and who was an eyewitness, apart from being a co-author of the hit man (Glenn Castellanos), to determine that it was not a political motive,” the Prosecutor told reporters during the press conference.

The Prosecutor clarified that a passionate motive was not ruled out because, in detention, she confessed that she had all these extramarital affairs when presenting the evidence of conversations between Cumare and her lovers.

«(Cumare) wanted to present herself as a kind of fifth-class Manuelita Sanz with her followers, raising a legacy whom she herself had betrayed many times not only sentimentally and emotionally, but also humanly, by ordering her murder , death by order».

The Prosecutor said when referring to Mary Cumare’s confessions to her lover, Glenn Castellanos, that she was tired of Lanz’s claims about the corruption events she was involved in and that she was sure that he would report her.

investigations continue

Given the legal confidentiality of the investigation, the Prosecutor refused to reveal the identity of the Tocorón pran who was the one who “lent” the two assassins to Glenn Castellanos in order to carry out the murder. “The investigations have not yet finished and we do not rule out new arrests,” Saab insisted.

As a note of color, it should be noted that Glen Castellano confessed to having taken from Professor Lanz a brooch of the replica of the sword of the Liberator Simón Bolívar after his murder, before the body disappeared in the vile and sadistic manner described by the criminal.

Castellanos said that he kept the brooch as a sort of “trophy of war.” “It will be a trophy of the inflamed for having participated in this abominable crime,” said the Prosecutor.

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