Land ready to start construction of the Chinchero International Airport

The movement of earth for the construction of the located in has a progress of 75% and is ready to start works such as the air terminal and the control tower, reported the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC).

He added that said air terminal aims to be the second largest in the country.

He also pointed out that the Chinchero consortium, in charge of earthworks, has completed the cut and fill works in areas corresponding to milestones 2, 3 and 4 of the work.

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After that, these areas will be transferred to the contractor in charge of the main works to start the execution of the airport infrastructure.

Main milestones

The TCM He mentioned that in milestone 2, which includes sector E1, the general aviation hangar (a place used to store and maintain aircraft) and the fuel supply and wastewater treatment plants will be built. The extension is 875,518 m².

Sectors E4 and E9 are located at milestone 3, with an area of ​​980,750 m² and 2,450 m², respectively. Concrete and asphalt plants will be installed at these points, activities will begin to shape the perimeter roads and internal accesses will be made for the beginning of the construction of the taxiways.

At milestone 4, sectors E6 and E7 are located, with an area of ​​463,972 m² and 318,290 m², respectively. Internal accesses will be built here for the start of construction of the runway and taxiways.

The Chinchero consortium handed over to the MTC six months ago sectors E2 and E3 (milestone 1), which have an area of ​​36 hectares. The air terminal will soon begin to be built in this space.

When the new airport infrastructure is ready, it will receive up to 5.7 million passengers per year and the flights will come from South America. This will allow capturing higher income for the country and the Cusco region due to the expenses that tourists will make.

This project, which will be executed in the Cuzco will require an investment of more than S/ 2.4 billion.


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