Lagos Weber for accusations of interventionism: «Can anyone believe President Boric is not going to vote I Approve? Let’s not be puritans either”

Senator Ricardo Lagos Weber (PPD) criticized the questions of “interventionism” made from different sectors against the Government, which has resulted in a series of complaints in the Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic, an entity that has already issued an opinion that established that the titular minister of Segpres, Giorgio Jackson, was absent in an opportunity to the principle of prescindencia.

From Congress, Senator Lagos Weber questioned that “it is one thing for a government – not this one – to carry out rude acts of interventionism, but for President Boric, who was the one who signed the agreement in his own hand on November 15, 2019 To channel this constituent problem together with other political forces, he signed in a personal capacity because his parties took the floor from him… Can anyone believe that he is not going to vote I Approve? Let’s not be puritanical either”.

These statements were before the resolution of the Comptroller’s Office where it established that the Segpres minister, Giorgio Jackson, “did not adjust to the necessary disregard”, three weeks before the plebiscite on September 4. This is the third complaint received by the Government from the lawyer Marcelo Brunet, from Renovación Nacional, who also asked the supervisory body to investigate President Gabriel Boric for alleged “faults” in dismissal.

The PPD parliamentarian expressed that he was “very respectful of the opinions of the Comptroller’s Office”, but said that “he can receive proposals from anyone, that this is interventionism, please… if the right to petition is everywhere; you can and I am going to ask Minister Jackson to consider such a thing, that is not interventionism”.

One of the complaints points to the Government Spokesperson Minister, Camila Vallejo, the Social Development Minister, Jeanette Vega, and the Undersecretary of the General Secretary of the Government, Valeska Naranjo, for the installation of the “Chile Votes Informed” post in the Plaza de la Constitución. .

“Gabriel Boric citizen and Gabriel Boric President vote I Approve, that is, he will remain silent… what are they talking about, let’s be serious,” he stressed.

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