Lagomarsino and the constitutional process: “In what we call ‘constitutional bases’ we have achieved broad consensus”

Deputy Tomás Lagomarsino, an independent with a quota from the Radical Party and a representative at the constitutional dialogue table of that community, referred to the advances in the dialogue held by the parliamentary forces for a new fundamental charter. In an interview with Emol, the congressman affirmed that the “macro” structure of the constitutional bases would already be defined.

“We still need to socialize them internally in our conglomerates and fine-tune some details of them, but the macro structure of the bases is already there and they are the key to continue talking about the mechanisms,” said Lagomarsino, who declined to provide details about these agreements, however he clarified that “in what were initially called ‘borderlines’ or ‘guiding principles’, and which we finally called ‘constitutional bases’, we have achieved broad consensus”.

In addition, the deputy stressed that “a very good balance was achieved between not wanting to refound the country and, on the other hand, not maintaining the subsidiary model that has done us so much harm,” which “guarantees both sectors, not just Chile Vamos, but also to those of us who are on the other side and want civilizing advances in social rights”.

In this sense, Lagomarsino expressed that the bases become the “key to talk about the mechanism.” “Once both the constitutional bases and the mechanism have been settled, we will be able to stamp the signatures of all of us who have represented our parties in a final document that can be made public and, of course, will also be drafted as a reform project in a second stage. constitution by a legislative technical committee, I would say,” he added.

In that sense, in the deputy’s opinion, “if we take a month to draw up the constitutional bases or understand the points of view of each one, I think that the end of October could be a reasonable date. Now, the constitutional foundations, I believe that the other discussions are going to pick up a better pace”.

However, the parliamentarian pointed out that everyone speaks of different dates and even “some want it to be prior to very symbolic dates.”

Finally, as a representative of the Radical Party, he said that “we want a very good agreement to come out, one that allows us to have a new and good Constitution made in a democracy, therefore, if we have to take a little longer, we are available to do it with that end. Of course we can’t be arguing forever either, but we’re moving forward slowly, but surely”.

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