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#LaEstampa | Ochoa and the explosion of happiness

#LaEstampa | Ochoa and the explosion of happiness

Sport fulfills many social and cultural functions, all of them of the highest importance. But perhaps none compares to its ability to act as a balm. Nothing brings joy as universal as sport. If anyone doubts it, they only need to review the endearing reactions to a moment that is already going down in history: Guillermo Ochoa’s extraordinary save on a shot from the lethal Polish striker Robert Lewandowski.

In the stadium, in the squares, in the churches and in the schools of Mexico, it was possible to see people of all ages, jumping and hugging each other with joy.

A moment that gives universal happiness.

Of all the images, I prefer the various moving videos of children who, eager to see their country win a World Cup match, watched the confrontation between Ochoa and the rival striker.

A confrontation in which the goalkeeper of Mexico was losing, by pure statistics.

Hence the explosion of happiness in the face of viciousness is so emotional.

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