Lacalle’s approval falls five points and stands at 46%, according to Option

In May, the 46% of the population approves the presidential management of Luis Lacalle Pou, 30% disapproveY 22% hold a middle opinionaccording to a new survey by Option Consultants released this Thursday night in Telenoche (Channel 4).

Compared to the previous quarter, it registers a 5 point drop in approval and a 7 point increase in disapproval. The coalition government collects an approval gap of +17 points.

This June 1, the government of Lacalle Pou completed 27 months of management (45% of the total mandate). Of the 46% who approve, 14% consider the management as “very good” and 32% rate it as “good”. Conversely, three out of 10 Uruguayans evaluate the management as unfavorable; 15% classify it as “bad” and 14% classify it as “very bad”.

In a margin, 22% of citizens believe that it is “neither good nor bad”.

In the historical look, there is a drop of 5 points compared to the last two quarters, in which the government had reached a 51% favorable evaluation, indicates the consultant’s report. Meanwhile, the 30% disapproval registered in this quarter is the highest figure since the measurements on the management of Lacalle Pou were made..

Option made the query between May 23 and June 1, to the population over 18 years of age living in Uruguay. Were 800 cases who were surveyed by phone calls. The maximum margin of error is +/-3.7% for a confidence level of 95%, according to the consultant.

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