Lacalle said that the strike in education is "just in case" and students lose

Lacalle said that the strike in education is “just in case” and students lose


The National Federation of Secondary Education Teachers (FENAPES) will carry out a national strike with mobilization on Wednesday, June 15, which will involve all branches of education -ANEP, UDELAR and UTEC- both public and private, demanding salary recovery, against wage inequities and the generation of charges.

In this sense, President Lacalle said that it is a “pity because those who always lose are the little ones, the students.”

“It’s a stoppage just in case, it’s like a gym. Unfortunately, that is the action they take, that they are within their rights, but that we do not share, ”he remarked.


When asked if the next Rendering of Accounts will contain resources for education (6% of the Gross Domestic Product, plus 1% for research and development), he replied that the next budget message from the government will basically be zero spending, except for some areas. sensitive.

“We will see in which areas resources can be invested. Education is one of those areas that needs it,” he said.

Lacalle stated that days ago the Minister of Education, Pablo Da Silveira, and the president of ANEP, Robert Silva, presented him with a document on the Educational Reform in which an estimate of the resources required to carry it out is also made. In any case, he preferred not to talk about figures, because in the next few days he will meet with the Minister of Economy, Azucena Arbeleche, to study the document and see “how much can be achieved.”


Regarding the episodes of violence that have occurred in the last few hours on the outskirts of two schools, where shootings were reported, Lacalle stated that there is concern on the part of the government and occupation in the territory. “Dealing with tactical and territorial deployment is essential, as is the ability to anticipate events.”

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