Lacalle said that he aspires to "there is no tissue" neither "separation of fans" in football

President Luis Lacalle Pou stated that the government will “everything possible” so that in Uruguay the population can watch football matches, no separation of swollen or tissues.

He said it this Friday at an exhibition at the Expo Prado. The president compared the assistance to the stadium with the Rural, where he said that there were, simultaneously, 25 thousand people. “And there is no separation of fans. And no one fought, “he valued.

“Actually, I take it as an example, because many people who are here today also go to the field, and surely they behave differently at times than they do at the Prado. And I, as President of the Republic, and I am sure that the AUF, We are going to do everything possible so that not only can everyone go to Uruguay, but that at some point in the not too distant future there will be no fabric and there will not have to be a separation of fans either”he expressed.

The statements were made two weeks after the incidents during the classic between Penarol and National, in the Great Central Park. It was during the “Lana Celeste a Qatar” activity, which took place at the Expo Prado. They are nationally produced suits, which the Uruguayan team will wear in Qatar.

“Wool also becomes a very important niche market, very exclusive,” added the president.

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