Lacalle said that for the Broad Front to oppose it is a daily exercise


Lacalle participated this Wednesday, May 18, in the city of Las Piedras, in the central act and parade in commemoration of the 211th anniversary of the Battle of Las Piedras.

In statements to the press, the president referred to the criticism of the opposition to the economic measures that were announced this Tuesday by the government and also to citizen security and specifically to the increase in homicides.

In this sense, Lacalle rejected the Broad Front’s questions and stated that “opposing is a daily exercise, but the data speaks for itself.”

The president asked: What was the assistance that existed before this government took office? What was the social assistance to Uruguayans who needed it during the pandemic and what is it now?

“We are going through a pandemic and today we are experiencing significantly lower unemployment than we received. In February 2020 it was 10.1%, and now it is 7.6%”, the president compared.

Citizen security

Regarding the declarations of the mayor of Canelones, Yamandú Orsi, referring to the fact that a government that closes itself to dialogue stops listening to a part of the country, the president replied: “But Orsi also said in his speech that it was up to us to govern in the understanding that we had a government plan, in the understanding that many things happened that were not in anyone’s plans, and we understand that we must continue with that commitment and that line”.

He added that there were “very serious” security problems before he took office, and crimes have decreased. “There was a significant drop in homicides. Unfortunately in May it is complicated and in that sense with the Minister of the Interior, with the National Director of Police and with various police chiefs we are trying to establish a strategy and a tactic focused on some type of act of violence that is taking place in some area of ​​our country, concentrated in drug trafficking at all levels.

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