Lacalle presented a plan for settlements: “It is a day to fulfill a dream”

With the highest level of the government present, the Ministry of Housing presented the program Move along. changing realities which intends to manage the resources of the trust approved in the Rendering of Accounts to intervene in the country’s settlements.

“Today is a day, politically and personally, to fulfill a dream,” said President Luis Lacalle Pou at the close of the event, which was also attended by authorities from the Ministry of Housing and the Congress of Mayors.

For the president, this program is a “turning point” and he assured that if they do “things right” it will be continued by the next governments as a “national policy.” “It is more than a state policy because it encompasses more,” he assured.

“You can dream, put intellect, surround yourself well, get the resources. Now is the time to move forward,” the president said.

For the president, the “social and human vocation” was always in the Executive Branch, regardless of the ruling party, but “resources” were lacking.

In the last Rendering of Accounts, the Executive Branch approved a trust that took resources from the National Colonization Institute to allocate them to the settlement plan. This issue is one that Lacalle Pou has worked on the most since he has presidential aspirations.

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