Lacalle Pou participated in the commemoration of a new anniversary of the Battle of Las Piedras

Lacalle Pou participated in the commemoration of a new anniversary of the Battle of Las Piedras

Accompanied by national authorities, the President of the Republic, Luis Lacalle Pou, attended the celebration of the 211th anniversary of the Battle of Las Piedras, this Wednesday at the obelisk of that city, where he placed a floral offering. At the end of the act, a military civic parade was held with the participation of Creole societies.

On the occasion, the president highlighted the importance of understanding historical concepts in order to understand the present, and also the value of the presence of the Executive Power, the mayor and the municipality in the speeches of the central act, “each one with its vision, as an integrating thread.

For his part, the Minister of Social Development, Martín Lema, appointed as speaker by the Executive Power, referred to the historic deed as the first great victory of the Eastern Revolution.

He pointed out the importance of victory in a context of adversity, where patriotism, thoughtful strategy and responsibly executed tactics were the main factors for victory. In that sense, he remembered José Gervasio Artigas as a fundamental figure for his great leadership. “He managed to unite people with different characteristics, because you can think differently, but when there is a just cause, we all have to join behind it,” he said.

The minister also recalled the phrase of the hero: “Clemency for the vanquished and heal the wounded”, and highlighted the humanity and solidarity that was manifested through these concepts, when he broke with a culture of not caring for those injured in battle. “That philosophy also defines us today as a country, the belief in the human being, in the person, even when it is considered that they are not in the right place,” he reflected.

“Every May 18 is an instance of remembrance and recognition, also of learning and review of each of the facts of history, but mainly being oriental should be a source of pride,” Lema concluded.

The act ended with a parade along the main avenue with the presence of nativist societies and troops from the three forces who traveled on foot, in vehicles and on horseback.

The Vice President of the Republic, Beatriz Argimón; the Secretary of the Presidency, Álvaro Delgado; the Minister of Education and Culture, Pablo da Silveira; the Minister of the Interior, Luis Alberto Heber; the Minister of Labor, Pablo Mieres; the Minister of Industry, Omar Paganini; the Minister of National Defense, Javier García; the Undersecretary of Transportation, Juan José Olaizola; the undersecretary of Public Health, José Luis Satdjian; the mayor of Canelones, Yamandú Orsi, and the mayor of Las Piedras, Gustavo González, as well as representatives of the Legislative Branch and military officials, among other authorities.

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