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Lacalle Pou absent from the May 1 act: he preferred to attend horse riding in Soriano

Lacalle Pou absent from the May 1 act: he preferred to attend horse riding in Soriano

Lacalle Pou chose to be seen in some horse riding in Soriano this May 1st.
Lacalle Pou chose to be seen in some horse riding in Soriano this May 1st.

The President of the Republic, Luis Lacalle Pou, attended on May 1 the Rideradas of the Lions in Palmitas, Soriano, in what seemed to be an unorthodox form of his leadership: he prioritized this event over the call for the International Workers’ Day event in Plaza 1° de Mayo, in Montevideo. Lacalle Pou arrived at the property on Route 2 accompanied by his wife Lorena Ponce de León and the Mayor of Soriano, Guillermo Besozzi.

During the event, the president observed some horse riding and attended the central ceremony, which included the parade of flags, the presentation of troupes, and the exchange of flags between Argentina and Uruguay. Kevin Terán, Prado champion, was also honored and the National Pericón was presented.

Criticism for the presence of Lacalle Pou in an event considered by animal advocates as apologetic of the torturecame from the Animalist Platform. “A shame that the president of our country @LuisLacallePou encourages, promotes and is part of violence against animals. We are not surprised, he is also a hunter”, they said on social networks.

Absent in acts of May 1

While Lacalle took selfies with his followers in Palmitas, in Montevideo, tens of thousands mobilized to Plaza 1° de Mayo for the already traditional act of International Workers’ Day.

He PIT-CNT He held a commemorative act where he spoke out against the social security reform and demanded that the government increase real wages and create quality employment.

Likewise, the union stated its intention to discuss a reduction in working hours and a new tax reform.

The president of the PIT-CNT, Marcelo Abdala, directed the closure of the act and pointed to the government for the “disguised tax adjustment” that the retirement reform implies, indicating that they will evaluate challenging the law through direct democracy mechanisms.

Abdala also proposed the reduction of the working day without a decrease in salary and a comprehensive tax reform.

The union was committed to fighting for an alternative reform of social security that expands rights and is sustainable, and maintained that the country project that is being implemented is the “inequality strategy”, which is based on a false ideological assumption that favors the top of the market.

The ministers of the Lacalle Pou government were present at the event in Montevideo. Some, such as Labor and Social Security, Paul Mieresgave statements to the press to disagree with the position of the PIT-CNT, assuring that “it is not in line with reality.”

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