Lacalle: It does not surprise me that the PIT-CNT has said that the economic measures are insufficient


The Executive Secretariat of the PIT-CNT issued a statement through which it expressed that the government’s proposal to grant an additional increase of 3% to liabilities and 2% to public sector workers and suggest the advancement of the adjustment for inflation to the private sector is “absolutely insufficient for the most vulnerable sectors of society”.

Faced with such a statement, President Lacalle said in Salto that “he did not expect anything else from the PIT-CNT, which has had a systematic opposition to the government.”

“That the PIT-CNT has said that it is insufficient, does not surprise me. I didn’t expect anything else. It is difficult for us to agree, although I was pleasantly surprised that some union leader said that it is in the right direction, at least they gave us one, ”he said.

The president assured that he will continue to receive the workers’ union, after the request for a meeting that they sent both to him and to Minister Pablo Mieres.


Indeed, the Minister of Labor and Social Security, Pablo Mieres, confirmed that he will receive the PIT-CNT this Thursday, April 21, at 12 noon at the ministerial headquarters.

The workers’ delegation will be headed by the president of the PIT-CNT, Marcelo Abdala, and will also include the vice president, José Lorenzo López; and the delegates Milton Castellanos and Gonzalo Castelgrande.

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