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Labor reform is left without the support of the Conservative Party: "we will defend the unemployed"

Labor reform is left without the support of the Conservative Party: "we will defend the unemployed"

The bench of the Conservative Party met to analyze the details of the labor reform that was filed by the Government in the Congress of the Republic and that will begin its process in the next few days.

The community, after making a detailed study of the project, determined that it will not support the initiative because it considers it harmful to Colombians.

The president of the conservatism, Efraín Cepeda, read a statement in which he stated that “The bench of the Conservative Party distances itself from the Labor reform text presented by the National Government, since its approach it does not address the Party’s priorities in relation to the labor market. as party We defend job creation, formality and the strengthening of the Colombian business fabric, which, in more than 90% are MiPYMES”.

Cepeda assured that the bench will favor the defense of Colombians, especially for those informal workers and small and medium-sized companies.

“As a Party we raise our voice in defense of the unemployed, informal workers and especially entrepreneurship and MiPymes in the business sector. We must understand that the unemployed and informal are the most vulnerableso they are our priority,” he said.

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“The key to the success of labor markets is to pay attention to social well-being, such as the growth and sustainability of companies, both equally, not one in charge of the other, as the experts teach us,” he added.

Cepeda assured that the labor regime proposed by the Government of Gustavo Petro would weaken companies and it would generate more unemployment in the country.

The text submitted by the Government makes the labor regime more ONEROFUL, RIGID and UNCOMPETITIVE, which will increase the unfortunate indicators of unemployment and informality”, he pointed out.

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The Conservative Party He was willing to make a great agreement with all social sectors and politicians to build a reform that improves the quality of life of Colombians.

“We invite the National Government and the other benches to open a space for dialogue and agreement in the search for a balanced text between the social and economic growth, which is in tune with the true needs that the country demands”, the statement read ends. by Cepeda.

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