Labor reform: In the last quarter the dialogue tables will begin

Labor reform: In the last quarter the dialogue tables will begin

As of the last quarter of this year, the Minister of Labor, Gloria Inés Ramírez, will begin the construction of the new Labour reform.

The official pointed out that the purpose is to have the project ready that will be presented in the first legislature of 2023. “We are going to build this labor reform with the parties involved, that is, businessmen, workers through their trade union centers and we are going to call the academy, to accompany us in this process that we are going to start with the national dialogues”he indicated.

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He pointed out that not only will there be the support of national actors but also international organizations will have a look to present a comprehensive reform.

“We have sought the support of the International Labor Organization (ILO), the labor chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice and international organizations that have to do with the world of work,” he said.

He stressed that within the framework of this process of national dialogue, For the Government, the territorial tables will also be fundamental in the implementation of the labor statute and the labor reform.

“We are going to activate the territorial consultation tables so that from there we can make the necessary contributions and produce a structural labor reform in accordance with the needs of the people, that is, the recovery of the day, we are going to review the forms of contracting and optimization to resolve labor disputes,” he explained.

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The minister said that Another of the points that will be taken into account in the analyzes will be that related to employment in rural areas. and closing gender gaps.

“These issues will also occupy an important space within the dialogue tables, as is the case with women, we are going to work so it is a reality and it is to close the salary gap”, he emphasized.

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