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La Roja seeks the round of 16 against a Germany with no margin in the World Cup

He settled the ball in control and unleashed a sharp left-footed shot just off the post to end the Qatari night at the majestic Lusail stadium. Lionel Messi appeared at the right time to defeat Mexico and revive Argentina in Qatar-2022.

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It was running minute 64 when his old partner angel di maria found it from the right in the ‘half moon’ and the ’10’ he tipped a scale until then very balanced.

With tears in his eyes, he celebrated emotionally in a background full of crazed Argentine fans.

Was his eighth goal in the World Cupsthe second in this edition, after achieving a penalty for his team in the defeat against Saudi Arabia (2-1).

– He matched Maradona –

with this party Messi equaled the legendary Diego Maradona as the Argentine player with the most appearances in the World Cups, 21, a tiebreaker that will foreseeably break on the third day against Poland.

In front of 90,000 spectators, together with Messi, the other captain, Andres Guardadowho also entered Qatar-2022 in the select club of players with five World Cups.

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However, the Betis midfielder had to retire due to injury at 42′. The third footballer with five Cups present on the pitch, the goalkeeper, recovered the bracelet memo ochoa.

Located in the attacking midfielder, Messi dedicated himself in the first minutes to oxygenating a midfield that was losing the battle against a better-planted Mexican team.

the party got rough quickly, with kicks and elbows on both sides. Messi understood that his nerves had to be calmed: he asked his goalkeeper Dibu Martínez to calm down when serving and the rest not to burn the ball to try to build a game.

In the first part he could do little, except for some isolated dribbling and trying to give continuity to the game. His best moment, the launch of a powerful lateral free kick that Ochoa punched out (35 ′).

– Key pass to Enzo –

In defense the seven times Ballon d’Or 35-year-old was trying to save energy. She didn’t push too hard or come down to help.

At the beginning of the second half, at the start of a slalom typical of his best times, Erick Gutierrez he stopped it with a foul, also seeing the yellow (49 ‘).

The shot, focused and from about five meters behind the area, went too high.

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The teams had switched roles. Argentina seized possessiona more natural ecosystem for the ‘Flea’, who had to wait for 64 ‘to find the ‘momentum’ to break the game.

To close his great night, at 87′ he connected with Enzo Fernandezwho defined with a great action and the albiceleste party broke out in Lusail.

One day after they were fulfilled two years after Maradona’s deathMessi dressed again as Diego to keep Albiceleste’s hope of achieving the third star alive in Qatar.

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