Ktivo Dissident: I will continue assuming my position until the last consequences

MADRID, Spain.- The Cuban activist Carlos Ernesto Díaz González, known as Ktivo Disidente, in his first statements after being released Under probation this Wednesday, he assured that he will continue to assume his position “until the last consequences.”

“Ktivo Dissidente, until the last consequences, will assume his position as an honest, critical, decent citizen and above all as an individual empowered by himself and who under no circumstances will continue to allow this power group, sponsored by a family and patented by 470 Cubans , exclusively, of a National Assembly, continue submitting us to your designs and your follies”, said the opponent to Radio Television Martí.

“Ktivo Dissident until the last consequences will shout freedom or irreverence, that is my dilemma. Homeland and Life and ready to die, ”she insisted.

Regarding his recent release, he pointed out that “this freedom is conditional on conduct that they want us to have, that above all is not harmful to their barbarity and that is not going to happen in any way.”

“Small doses of freedom that the regime grants us Cubans, who under no circumstances decided to keep quiet and with our silence be accomplices of their madness and, above all, challenge, as José Martí says, who does not challenge, accepts, and we decide challenge,” added Ktivo.

The activist also thanked all the Cubans inside and outside of Cuba who showed their affection during his time in prison.

On the other hand, he referred to those who are still imprisoned, as “the Cubans who represent the rebellion and dignity of the people.”

“I admire and respect all those Cubans who are suffering in Cuban prisons today,” he added.

At the end of November 2022, Ktivo Dissidente was sentenced to two years and six months in prison for having peacefully protested on San Rafael boulevard in Havana. The activist was found guilty of the alleged crimes of defamation, disobedience and contempt in judgment held in his native province, Cienfuegos.

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