Kreplak: “We are in good condition to face the cold season”

Kreplak: “We are in good condition to face the cold season”

Minister of Health Nicolás Kreplak controlling the Buenos Aires vaccination posts. Photo: Eva Cabrera.

The Buenos Aires Minister of Health, Nicolás Kreplak, assured on Saturday that the province is “in good condition to face the cold season” because It has a supply of flu and anticovid vaccines and “a good percentage of vaccination”.

Speaking to CNN radio, Kreplak noted that A second booster dose of the anticovid vaccine was authorized because “the variant Omicrom changes a lot Regarding the other variants and the efficacy that was achieved before with two doses, in this variant it is achieved with three doses; then the effort is achieved much better with an extra dose”.

The Federal Health Council approved a new vaccine booster against Covid-19, prioritizing health personnel, people age 50 and overover 12 years of age with risk conditions, security forces and teachers.

Kreplak indicated that this new dose “possibly later spread to the rest of the population.”

The minister indicated that while “we are In a pandemic, the risk, the aggression of the virus and its mutations is greater” and pointed out that “if it becomes a seasonal virus, it may have much less capacity for mutation.”

Kreplak We are in good condition to face the cold season Photo Alejandro Moritz
Kreplak: “We are in good condition to face the cold season.” Photo: Alejandro Moritz.

In this sense, he pointed out that “in the world there are some variants of Ómicron that are generating outbreaks” and that from the province they are “observing what happens in Buenos Aires City” given that there, he said, the “authorities are seeing that they have dropped (the cases) and that they are worried about a possible promotion”.

However, he assured that the province of Buenos Aires is “in good condition to face a cold season because we have vaccines, a good percentage of vaccination”, although he indicated that “it is not resolved that we are not going to have new waves”.

Kreplak indicated that it will be seen in due course “what types of care measures can be taken, without being life-threatening.”

Asked about the use of chinstrapsconsidered that it is “a lesser eviltaking into account what we had to suffer: stay at home, merge companies, businesses, not see sick relatives.

so terrible things have happened that perhaps if at some point the use of the chinstrap is requested again to reduce contagion, it will be necessary for society to accompany it, which is not something capricious, ”said Kreplak.

And, he added: “We are watching because new variants may appear; you have to be careful because what we can’t say in a pandemic it’s ‘this is over’ and that we know what is to come.”

Photo Alejandro Moritz
Photo: Alejandro Moritz.

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