Know some myths about vehicle insurance

Know some myths about vehicle insurance

Although many people who drive a vehicle consider that having the Compulsory Traffic Accident Insurance (SOAT) is enough to cover their protection needs and that they do not need a sure vehicle, the ABC of Pacífico reveals some false statements:

1. I don’t need insurance because I already have SOAT and I drive well

Although SOAT is mandatory insurance, its coverage only focuses on the medical expenses of the people involved in the accident, but not on repairing your car, or that of others that you may have affected, or even a property. In these cases, if you do not have insurance, you will have to bear the costs of these affected third parties. Having vehicle insurance, depending on the plan you choose, can protect your vehicle, your companions and affected third parties, in addition to giving you benefits and personalized attention.

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2. The coverage area is very limited

The reality is that there are insurances that have national coverage, which will attend to the accident (crash, theft, breakage of some part, etc.) regardless of where it occurred. What does have limits is mechanical assistance; however, even that is not limited to the city. For example, now in the summer, people from Lima go to the southern beaches, and on the same road you can see the assistance fleet of insurers.

3. They take too long to attend, even if it is a simple problem

Fake. Currently we can deal with the accident quickly, since in minor cases they are approved immediately and remotely, so that you can take your car to the workshop when it suits you best, without having to wait for the attorney to come to review the problem.


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