Know all the important information of the business world

Know all the important information of the business world

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AMEV presents the 7th Virtual Showroom of the “Incubator of Entrepreneurs”

The Association of Entrepreneurial Women of Venezuela (AMEV) presents a new edition of the virtual fair of its flagship program “Seedbed for Entrepreneurs”. In this new opportunity, it is the seventh cohort of entrepreneurs who have been trained with this organization.

AMEV was born in 2016, in order to manage opportunities for economic, social and personal empowerment, for Venezuelan entrepreneurs in LATAM.

Twenty-four entrepreneurs, residents of the Anzoátegui, La Guaira, Lara and Miranda states, participate in this AMEV Showroom 2023 Fair, who will be in charge of exhibiting their products and services. These can be purchased or contracted online, just by entering the official Showroom page, through the link:

A wide range of gastronomic products and services, textiles, goldsmithing, home, toys, digital writing, audiovisual production and more, from the entrepreneurs who have been in training for the last six months, will be appreciated. The Showroom will be open 24 hours on March 3 and 4, with synchronous service hours to the public from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm.

This cohort of the “Semillero de Emprendedoras” Program was sponsored by Cisneros through its Focus Women Entrepreneurs program, it was reported in a press release.

The “Seedbed for Entrepreneurs” program was designed based on its own methodology, aimed at “Learning to undertake from being a Woman”. Throughout seven cohorts, more than 250 Venezuelan entrepreneurs have been trained.

AMEV has worked to strengthen businesses in the seed phase, belonging to female entrepreneurs in Venezuela, Argentina and Chile.

Avior Airlines offers unlimited savings with CouponAir

Avior Airlines puts at your disposal the new discount pass, CouponAir, which will allow travelers to save 25% on each purchase they make throughout the year 2023, on any of the available national or international flights.

CouponAir can only be acquired and redeemed through the airline’s website and upon completion of the corresponding registration, a personal, unique and non-transferable code will be sent to the buyer by email, the airline said in a note press.

«This discount travel pass, CouponAir, is a great opportunity that will allow all our passengers to discover the #DestinosAvior at incredibly low prices, managing to plan family vacations or work trips, with all the benefits that we have designed, starting from an investment of 100 dollars”, indicated Luigi Ricardo, vice president of Commercial Production of Avior Airlines.

CouponAir may be acquired until March 31, 2023, through

Avior Airlines will continue to offer boosting opportunities for national and international tourism, projecting an offer of products and services that are adapted to the operations that allow them to consolidate and go further.

Avior shareholder loses lawsuit in the US for attempted fraud

The PAN plant in the US received recognition

The Greenville City Economic Development Corporation (GEDC), in Texas, United States, presented the Community Investment Award to the International Grains and Cereal (IGC) plant , located in this town, to recognize Empresas Polar’s commitment to the city in which it installed its PAN pre-cooked corn flour production plant in 2014.

In a ceremony held at the Innovation First International headquarters, the plant manager, José Anzola, received the award in recognition of the investment made and the jobs created by the corporation in Greenville.

“This is the first time our plant has received such recognition, which fills us with pride and inspires us to continue IGC’s commitment to the economic development of Greenville,” Anzola said.

“Ten years ago we were looking for the best place in the United States to build a corn processing plant, today we are sure that we made the best decision,” said the spokesperson, while thanking the award on behalf of Empresas Polar.

“We are proud to have been taken into account by the City of Greenville Economic Development Corporation, with which we have carried out joint activities such as job fairs and guided visits for the community to get to know the plant,” according to a note from press.

The award was presented by the president of the GEDC, Greg Sims, in an act in which he assured that IGC is an example to follow and called for continued joint work. For his part, Anzola replied: “This is not the end of the road, we are here to stay and to continue growing, so we will surely need your support in the future.”

Anzola recalled that in 2021 the corn flour production capacity of the Greenville Plant increased by more than 30%, which allows it to produce 43 thousand tons of finished product per year. New production lines have recently been incorporated, such as mixes and ready-to-eat frozen products.

The plant has 72 full-time workers and generates approximately 150 indirect jobs.
International Grains and Cereal has the global quality and safety certification such as IFS, it also has certifications such as Gluten Free, Kosher and Halal. In addition to complying with all the requirements demanded by the FDA to operate as a food manufacturing plant.

From this facility in Texas, PAN brand flour is exported to countries in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Oceania and Africa.

Know all the important information of the business world

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