Know all the important information of the business world

Know all the important information of the business world

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McDonald’s Venezuela helps young people in the choice of university careers

MCampus Comunidad in alliance with PDA – HRtech company – is a free tool that helps young people discover their true professional vocation, through 13 courses on various topics such as Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Negotiation and Influence, Customer Service and several more. in information technology in agreement with the company CISCO.

Likewise, it offers a Vocational Guidance Program that offers the opportunity to discover professional aptitudes and set goals, but also guides them in preparing their curriculum and in preparing for job interviews. At the end of this program, the participants will access a vocational test, carried out in partnership with PDA, which will give them an individual report with their behavioral profile and career recommendations, the company indicated in a press release.

In Venezuela, a little more than 3,000 young people have joined this free platform and, in Latin America, nearly 70,000 young people have taken at least one course at MCampus Comunidad, whose main goal is to help eliminate the barriers faced by young people. of the continent to access formal jobs and, in Arcos Dorados, they work hard to offer offers of job opportunities in their restaurants and free and open training opportunities with this platform.

All MCampus Comunidad courses are available at and, by 2023, they will continue to add innovative content of interest to the target audience.

Netflix: shared accounts will end in 2023

Netflix, the most famous subscription streaming service in the world, will return to charging its users for sharing an account at the beginning of 2023 after several rounds and rounds regarding the associated profiles, according to the agency. efe.

The on-demand service giant finally decided to resume the initiative of charging its subscribers an extra payment for sharing an account between users, after the plan failed the first time it was carried out. The possibility of sharing accounts, which has also been adopted by other streaming platforms, allows users to enjoy series, movies and documentaries without having to pay to use the service.

But such “benefit” came to an end, since by the beginning of 2023 Netflix is ​​preparing to resume charging despite the fact that the first time the strategy to end the limit of shared accounts did not work as expected.

The company tested the “Add house” option for about two months and added more ads in some Latin American countries such as Argentina, Honduras and Guatemala, due to the need to reverse the loss of money it had during the first part of the year due to the drop in subscribers, which was replicated in the second quarter.

Shortly after implementing the new feature, which implied an extra cost of $219 for each household with which an account was shared, Netflix decided to remove it. However, now it seeks, with a different strategy, to return to charging for shared use.

Its initial deployment tried to prevent users living outside the main house from being able to use the service with a shared password and without paying. To do this, it made use of the history of the accounts, their IP addresses and device identifiers to determine from where users connected to use the service.

In this way, the service was closed to those who entered from other houses with shared passwords. Something that angered the users and ended up being one of the reasons why the managers decided to end the test.

At the moment, the strategies that Netflix will use to return to charging for shared accounts are unknown. And although he does not know what news it will bring or in which countries it will start, the only thing clear is that at the beginning of the new year he will make his new movement.

It is speculated that Netflix’s payment order to continue accessing content to those who share an account will begin in early 2023 in the United States, and then expand to other regions.

Being the first streaming service that sought and will again seek to charge for the use of shared accounts, Netflix’s movements will be seen out of the corner of their eyes by Star+, Disney or Amazon Prime, platforms that have not yet taken such a step, but dispute the “first giant” the throne of on-demand content.

Know all the important information of the business world

Banesco enabled new online payment buttons

Banesco Banco Universal added 16 payment buttons in the second half of 2022. Now natural and legal clients have new options to pay for cleaning services, internet, products and municipal taxes from the collector’s website and with direct debit to their account.

BanescoPagos is one of the channels offered by the banking institute to its natural and legal clients that have BanescOnline active. Through this button hosted on the collector’s website, transactions for the purchase of products and services are facilitated without the need to access BanescOnline. This service, which already has 40 registered companies, allows fast and safe operations, the entity indicated in a press release.

The new payment buttons are Tecni Mundo 21 (sale of products online), Fospuca y Empresa Filiales (cleaning service), Inversiones D&B 80 CA (sale of products online), Datalink (internet), Imaud (cleaning service). , Cobremex (toll collection), Maracaibo Municipal Decentralized Tax Administration Service (Sedemat), Superintendence of Tax Administration of the Bolivarian State of Miranda (Satmir), TicketMundo, NetUno, Fonet CA, and the mayors of the municipality of Los Guayos, San Diego, El Hatillo, Carrizal and Maracaibo.

To pay through the payment button, the user must be logged into the collector’s portal and generate the amount to be paid, then select BanescoPagos, enter their BanescOnline credentials, answer the security questions, choose the account to debit, write the special operations key and, finally, see the receipt of the operation. The BanescOnline account statement also reflects the details of the transaction. The service is available from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm.

Other enabled services are Saime, Hermandad Gallega Social Club, iGemas, Municipal Institute of the Environment, National Institute of Land Transportation, Andrés Bello Catholic University, Conviasa, Grupo Italven, Matrix TV Corporation, HT CA, Autonomous Municipal Tax Administration Service of the Mayor’s Office Iribarren, Maturín Mayor’s Office, Urbaneja Municipality Mayor’s Office, Maneiro Municipality Mayor’s Office, Vargas Mayor’s Office, Baruta Mayor’s Office, Tomás Lander Mayor’s Office and the La Guaira State Governor’s Office.

Know all the important information of the business world

Markets, Beverages and Pharmacy the categories with the highest consumption in 2022

PedidosYa, the leading quick-commerce technology company in Latin America, presented its year-end trend report that highlights, among other data, which were the fastest growing business segments, the most ordered products, the hours of greatest demand , and the maximum and minimum distances traveled this year.

«We closed 2022 with a growth of more than 45% and with quick-commerce almost doubling its turnover vs 2021. This trend of making purchases of immediate need to receive them in minutes was very strongly consolidated in 2022 and will undoubtedly continue to grow in the coming years. Quick-commerce, which is the evolution of e-commerce, is here to stay and we aim for a third of the orders we receive in Latin America to be from quick-commerce by 2030”, commented Esteban Gutiérrez, CEO of PedidosYa.

According to the trend report released through a press release, the top 5 most ordered products in Venezuela between January and November 2022 are made up of: Sushi, Empanadas, Pastelitos, Cachitos, Donuts.

On the other hand, Kiosks, Café & Deli and Pharmacy were the favorite business segments of Venezuelans, since they registered an increase of 80%, 73% and 56% respectively, compared to the previous year. And in relation to the quick-commerce categories with the highest growth in number of orders were Markets, Beverages and Pharmacy.

In turn, the PedidosYa report revealed other curious data: Caracas, Barquisimeto and Maracay were the three cities that made the most orders through the platform. July was the month in which the most orders were made. Most of the 2022 orders were placed between 12 noon and 2 pm. In Venezuela, more than 6,850,800 kilometers were traveled throughout the year in order delivery. While 23 km was the maximum distance and 1 meter the minimum distance traveled to deliver an order. The businesses that received the most orders in 2022 are: Pollos Riviera, Krispy Donuts, Bonsai Sushi and Danubio Pastry.

PedidosYa also reported that the most ordered products in the Latin American region were empanadas and ice cream, in the Restaurants vertical; followed by long-lasting milk and cards from the Qatar 2022 World Cup, in the Markets vertical; and flu in the Pharmacies vertical.

Know all the important information of the business world

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