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June 10, 2022
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Kitty Monterrey wants a “strategic alliance” against Ortega

Kitty Monterrey wants a "strategic alliance" against Ortega

The president of the outlawed Citizens for Freedom (CxL) partyKitty Montereyexpressed that the political ideology of each Nicaraguan does not matter, but the “strategic alliances at the time they have to be given”, in reference to continuing to be an opposition against the dictatorship of Daniel Ortega.

In an interview with the digital media 100% Noticias, Monterrey —who is participating in the IX Summit of the Americas in the United States— affirmed “that those who are on the left will continue to be on the left and those of us who are on the right will continue to be on the right ( …) It is very difficult to speak of unity in ideological concepts».

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He added that regardless of the ideological issue, all opponents must have clear objectives, “and right now, those objectives that somehow unites us is the release of political prisoners.”

Despite the fact that Ortega refuses to release the more than 180 hostages of conscience, Monterrey told the digital media that it must be done step by step and “we must not anticipate the different stages.”

Kitty Monterrey bets on early elections and “sincere” dialogue in Nicaragua. Photo: Article 66 / Noel Miranda

Regarding the structure of CxL, the president of the party pointed out that it must be remembered that “with the degrees of repression that exists (in Nicaragua) there is no freedom of association or meeting. We maintain the organization, even though it has been illegally dissolved, but we continue to work.

“We remain united and remain in contact, but not in public activities, since these would obviously be repressed immediately,” Monterrey stressed.

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In relation to the municipal elections scheduled for this year, which, like the presidential processes of November 2021, are questioned and described as a farce, the representative of the political party said that “we are not part of, nor will we be part of, a farce or a municipal process that we know is a distribution solely for the pleasure and whim of the Sandinista Front”, although there is no way for them to participate, since they do not have legal personality.

Monterrey clung to his seat for several years and participated in two electoral processes organized by the Ortega CSE, the same one that counts the votes since the municipal elections of 2008, a process that was questioned by the delegations of international observers from the OAS and the European Union. , and that took away its legal personality, eliminating the last party that was considered to be in opposition.

Kitty Monterrey:
Kitty Monterrey: “In 2021 poverty, suffering and lack of freedom deepened”

Kitty Monterrey went into exile from Nicaragua to Costa Rica through blind spots. After she had her Nicaraguan nationality removed, she decided to leave the country for fear of being deported or imprisoned.

In his first statements from exile, he affirmed that Nicaraguans must remain in resistance inside and outside the country and for this he called on all the exile and diaspora of Nicaraguans around the world to unite and present to the world a single action plan to achieve the overthrow of the Ortega-Murillo regime.

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