Kinn: There is no scam in Urubó, it was only breached

Kinn: There is no scam in Urubó, it was only breached

Page Seven / La Paz

The businessman and representative of the Urubó Golf real estate company, Carlos Kinn, denied that there is any scam in the construction of houses for this project that is being built in the municipality of Porongo, Santa Cruz, but admitted that there are “non-compliances” in the conclusion of the works . He warned that the objective of the complaints against him is to put him in jail.

“In no way is there a scam in Urubó, there wasn’t, there isn’t and there won’t be. There, what there are are failures to complete the works quickly, ”Kinn assured Gigavisión.

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On April 10, page seven published the complaint of nearly a hundred co-owners who claim that the real estate company did not comply with the commitments of the installation of basic services, so they cannot have their houses built.

According to Kinn, the co-owners filed “an aggravated lawsuit for fraud”, due to the refusal of the shareholders’ board to sign an “agreement” with the group. Therefore, according to the businessman, they started a campaign against him.

“I don’t know what they’re aiming at, what’s the point of that? Preventive detention. They want to stop Carlos Kinn”, suggested the businessman.

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