Woman planned murder of her husband

Killed six partners of Carlos Capa in Valles del Tuy

There are six criminals killed in the Valles del Tuy region of Mirandina, where Operation Thunder IV has been running since this Friday with the participation of approximately 3,000 officers of the Bolivarian National Police (PNB).

The dejected are part of the criminal organization founded by Deiber González, alias Carlos Capa and are known as El Walter, El Menor, El Barrigón, El Chuly, El Poco Pelo and El Chelote.

A preliminary assessment of Thunder IV refers to the fact that 30 criminals were captured, four of them assigned to Carlos Capa’s staff; six who were requested and five captured when they committed a crime, according to the report.

During the deployment, officials have seized seven firearms, including a mini-uzi, 9mm; 110 cartridges of different calibers and 7 chargers.

Likewise, the agents seized a portable radio, two handcuffs, a Keblar vest and four cell phones, an informant explained.

Last Sunday, Carlos Capa’s gang murdered a uniformed officer identified as Richard José Rondón Ortega, Coordinator of the Police Coordination Center of the Cristóbal Rojas Municipality (Charallave), Miranda.

Rondón was attacked with firearms when he was traveling in a private vehicle through the El Arbolito sector, San Francisco de Yare (Miranda).

Roxanna Hernández Rondón, 41, the police officer’s wife, also died during the shooting, while her 16-year-old son was injured.

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