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Kidnapped by our bad memory

Havana Cuba. — It took more than two years to “discover” that the cholera control system (LLC) doesn’t work, but they are still reluctant to publicly discuss why it is. And although from the beginning it was warned, both on social networks and from the independent media, that the measure would make the phenomenon of corruption much deeper and more twisted, by leaving its basic mechanisms intact (and even legalized), they persisted in the “error”, as has happened with other improvisations on which our daily chaos is built.

The monetary system failed, just as everything they have tried to “sell” us as a temporary or definitive solution to the evils they themselves created has failed.

They have failed since the “geniuses” of Marino Murillo —today reducing to ashes what is left of the tobacco industry— to the construction maelstrom of the late López-Calleja, who well deserves to be registered as a Guinness record as he managed to make us the poor country with the most completely empty luxury hotels, even with dozens of of rooms still unused.

So many things have failed that listing them would lead us to write an encyclopedia. The “ordering task”, the National Electric System, the plans to extinguish the fire at the Supertanker Base and even the calculations of the tourism industry as a result of Obama’s thaw failed, just as it failed later, a few days after it began, the CADECA exchange market simulation that now tries to hide its defeat, its ridicule, behind an apk developed by the Armed Forces (and that just because of its origins warns us of the danger of installing it on our phones).

Faced with such an extensive repertoire of fiascoes, it would seem that the true purpose of how much they improvise is to fail, however, by being stubborn and elusive in recognizing the causes of persistence in error, they make us suspect that, not having real solutions, they hardly seek to distract us with the first nonsense that occurs to them.

In the end, for a regime that is failing and where some clever people make sure to stay safe or go to the negotiating table (to all those that are installed the day after the fall) with their pockets full, otherwise It’s about buying time.

In fact, today in the streets of Cuba, in our neighborhoods, there is no talk of any other topic other than “the new measures” to buy, in a “regulated” manner, the handful of food that the regime is willing to sell us in a national currency that does not want it back or the same Bank that issues it.

Now that we have arrived at a December without pork and dollarized, with blackouts and without tourists, they have decided to “change the ball” barely substituting the distraction of yesterday’s queues for today’s new queues, and although it is true that leaves the root of the problem intact (the corruption that runs through society as a whole because it is in the essence of the system itself), at least for a few weeks forgetfulness will make us think that at last “something good” happens on this discolored Christmas when in reality our life continues the same or worse.

Once again, the rogues of the regime have achieved, with another “resolution” and another “informative note” (of the thousands that they have issued in recent months), that today Cuban men and women, even those who do not reside in Cuba, entertain their lives with a new topic, as well as the social networks being filled with other “less lethal” publications than the lack of bread, the uselessness of wages, the blackouts and a migratory wave that they no longer know what to do to stop it or at least hide it.

If something has become clear to us in these years, it is that for every problem that exists in Cuba, the communists only know how to generate distractions and not a definitive solution. And, of course, that they do it with full knowledge of our colossal forgetfulness, capable of immobilizing us more than fears.

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No one remembers the Family Code anymore, nor how much juggling we did to obtain that CUC that, from being “guilty” of all our ills, now, faced with so much misery, has come to be begged for its return as a blessing. Much less has been claimed about those responsible for the death of the young firefighters in Matanzas or about the painful fate of the boys and girls barracked in San Isidro.

Our memory is fragile, and perhaps systematic hunger made it much more precarious, alienated, because it is not the true memory of a nation, but the traumatized brain of a country under kidnapping.

It’s unfortunate, but today our most important “collective issue” —besides gossiping about the neighbor who left or about the latest police raid where they always cage the chain but let the monkey loose— is how to materialize on our plates that chicken that almost never we managed to buy at the neighborhood store, but contraband, as well as inventing a personal survival strategy that has nothing to do with that bad joke about “creative resistance”.

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