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Key Triumph of Atlantis

The 27th date ended this afternoon with the visit of Atlántida to the Herminio Ricardo stadium to measure JA Saldívar’s Colón.

And the team from the Obrero neighborhood took the three points from another’s feud thanks to goals from Hugo Santacruz (5′) and Jaime López (25′).

In the morning, September 29, they defeated Olimpia de Itá at home in the Molino neighborhood with a solitary goal by Diego Cabrera around game time.

Recoleta leads the contest with 55 points. They are followed by Tembetary and 3 de Noviembre, with 47. A little further back comes 24 de Septiembre de Areguá, with 46, and Atlántida also comes close, with 45, when there are 7 dates left to end the season.


-Friday, September 9

*Deportivo Recoleta 2-0 Atlético Tembetary

*General Diaz 0-1 November 3

-Saturday September 10

*Fulgencio Yegros (Ñ) 1-1 February 3 RB

*President Hayes 1-1 Deportivo Capiata

*Sportivo Limpeño 1-2 General Knight ZC

*Silvio Pettirossi 0-0 Christopher Columbus (Ñ)

-Sunday September 11

*September 29 1-0 Olympia de Itá

*Christopher Columbus JAS 0-2 Atlantida SC


Deportivo Recoleta 55, Atlético Tembetary 47, November 3 47, September 24 46, Atlántida 45, Deportivo Capiatá 42, General Díaz 41, Presidente Hayes 38, Silvio Pettirossi 35, Olimpia de Itá 32, September 29 31, Christopher Columbus ( Ñ) 27, Cristóbal Colón JAS 26, General Caballero ZC 24, February 3 RB 19, Fulgencio Yegros (Ñ) 18, Sportivo Limpeño 14.

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