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“Key piece” appears in the works that companies linked to Pedro Castillo’s sister-in-law won

"Key piece" appears in the works that companies linked to Pedro Castillo's sister-in-law won

The selection committee that awarded the award to the construction company Destcon Engineers and Architects Already JJM Espino Engineering & Constructioncompanies linked to Yenifer Paredespresident’s sister-in-law peter castle— was made up of Nathaly Viviana Alcanta Montes.

According to a report by “Fourth Power”, Nathaly Alcanta is a 27-year-old with a degree in International Business. However, she works in logistics areas of several government entities for having obtained a certificate from the State Procurement Supervising Agency, which accredits her as a basic level technician.

key piece

The investigation details that the young Alcanta was a member of the selection committee in the award of works that the municipalities of Anguía (Cajamarca) and Cajatambo (Lima) tendered. In the projects, the company of Hugo Espino Lucanaa friend of Yenifer Paredes, as well as the company of her sister Anggi Espino Lucana.

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On November 25, 2021, the Municipality of Anguía awarded the 3 million soles work to a consortium made up of the construction company Destcon Ingenieros y Arquitectos, owned by Anggi Espino Lucana and his father, Hugo Espino Almeida. She is the sister and he is the father of Hugo Espino Lucana, owner of JJM Espino Engineering & Construction, for which Yenifer Paredes Navarro allegedly worked when he offered a drinking water project.

On this, Nathaly Alcanta served as president of the selection committee in the drinking water sanitation work

Likewise, the official also played an important role as the first member of the selection committee in the award of the work to recover the infrastructure of the Santiago Antunez de Mayolo educational institution, valued at S/ 3,876,061.73, in March 2022. .

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Another of the irregularities that the Sunday investigation uncovers is that the signatures of Nathaly Alcanta do not coincide in the subscription of the projects.

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